The massive development undertaken by the Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu in the Industrial City of Yanbu has simultaneously increased the population of the workers from the subcontinent of India in its sister City of Yanbu. Subsequently, there was an increase in number of Indian families with children seeking accredited schools providing approved curriculum from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India.

Taking this demand in consideration a group of concerned Indians led by Eng. Mohammad Khader and Mr. Basheer Mundoly met with Dr. Abdulbari Abdulkadir. They agreed that there was a need to establish a school accredited by the CBSE, exclusively for the children of the Indian subcontinent in Yanbu.

The founding Board with Dr. Abdulbari Abdulkadir as the President and Eng. Mohammad Khader as the Chairman was formed during the same period. Due to the urgency, Dr. Abdulbari personally submitted the requirements to expedite the process to the Ministry of Education (MoE), Riyadh in 2007. Subsequently, Temporary Permit from the MoE was obtained and the group began the extremely difficult task of fulfilling the requirements of the MoE and the CBSE.

The founding group’s commitment to the community of the Indian subcontinent in Yanbu served as an inspiration and a “student friendly learning institution” emerged. This institution was named Al Manar International School (AMIS) in Yanbu.  With the Grace of God, AMIS was granted MoE License in 2007.

In September 2007, the first building was acquired, located in the District of Al Jameah Arabia, Yanbu. There were only 30 students registered in the school. With this humble beginning, AMIS brought joy and happiness to the parents and encouragement to students as their stepping stone and starting point in aiming for their dreams in their own school.


Now in 2016, the expansion of AMIS facilities continues. Two additional buildings adjacent to the Girls’ Section were acquired. Three additional buildings were also acquired for the Boys’ Section. Currently the total number of students has reached above 1100. 

Dr. Abdulbari M. I. Abdulkadir, CEO